How to Paint Your Skateboard

Painting a skateboard isn’t a compulsory matter, but it is one of the best ways to express your style, brand and sometimes an extraordinary color of your skateboard represents your taste and personality. Again, if your skateboard loses its natural color, it’s better to paint the board. It will give you a new and last longer look. Or someone else would have the same kind of skateboard in your skate park and there’s a chance to get it changed with the others.


There are several ways to paint a skateboard without paying more for buying the materials. Make sure that the paints won’t do any harm to your skateboard performance before applying them. Some materials can make the top too slippery or the deck weighs more and ruins the deck. So, before start painting your skateboard, you must learn about the painting process accurately. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the total process of longboard painting. So, start reading.

  1. Choose A Color: First, decide what color and design you want to paint in your skateboard. The color isn’t a big fact to deal, it depends on individual interest. There are various colors available in the local market, buy one or more according to the design or pattern. Try to use the color spray, it is easier to use, sticks better than other ordinary paint and lasts longer.
  2. Things You Need: Before going to start painting, make sure that you have these things – paint sprayer, brush, wrench, screwdriver or a skate tool to remove the trucks and wheel, water and towel to wash and wipe your hand, sand paper and pieces of cloth to clean the board and a bag to keep the small parts in it. Then, go to a safe place or outdoor to avoid your home from getting dirty.
  3. Prepare For Painting: Keep your skateboard on a table or a flat surface. You can separate the deck to do the job easily. If you are going to paint a new skateboard, sanding isn’t necessary. But, for old one, you need to sand it off using a rough grit sand paper to remove all of the paint. You can also use a sanding block or an electronic sander which will make it a hundred times easier. Then, wipe away all of the dust with a soft cloth or towel.


  1. Mask the Board: Before spraying, mask the area with masking tape where you don’t need to paint like trucks, wheels, hardware. If you’ve separated the deck already, there is no need to masking these areas. Before going to paint, make sure whether you cleaned all the dust or not.
  1. Draw Your Design: If you want to design your board, draw it now. It’s better to use pencil rather than a pen. Because it may show up throw the paint. If no pencil is available, try to use a pen which is close to the color.


  1. Spray The Paint: You can use both spray and brush. I already suggested before to use a paint If you want the board colored with only one color, it’s easy to spray. Be sure to spray the whole area smoothly until it gets a good look. Again, if you want to design your board, spray carefully on the design only and then the rest area. Cover the table with an unnecessary newspaper to protect it from getting dirty with color.
  2. Leave It To Dry: After completing all of the previous steps, you are almost done. Now, leave your board for several hours to dry. Try to let it dry for a longer time; the paint will be more attractive and long lasting.
    Now, you need to clean the surface where you’ve worked and wash your hand two-three times. Wipe your hand with a soft paper towel.


There would have some service centers who offer skateboard painting. Personally, I think it will be more expensive for anybody. If you have a few hours on your holiday, you can do it yourself. It may not too much tough for you.


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