How to ride downhill on a Longboard?


Are you jealous of your friend’s Longboard skating? You want to learn it but you are fear of it because it is little risky. Don’t worry, today I’m going to teach you how to ride downhill without falling down. So, read this article attentively to learn downhill riding with a Longboard.

Choose a downhill compatible Longboard

First, choose a Longboard which is most compatible for a downhill ride. Choose one which has more stability and center of gravity so that you can maintain your control on the Longboard easily. Choose a Longboard which height is nearly close to the ground for smooth push/break.  Speed board, top mount, and cruiser are the best Longboard type for downhill riding. You can select any of them if you don’t have any.

Set up your Longboard for downhill riding

Now, tighten the Longboard trucks. Keep the back trucks tighter than the front trucks to reduce wobble. But if you tighten it so much you may not be able to carve/turn smoothly.

Look after safety

Longboard skating is very risky. You can fall down anytime and get injured during riding if you can’t maintain control. So it is very important to look after safety. Wear a helmet, gloves, and pads for better protection. Always use this protective gears even if you are an expert rider.

Let’s ride

You may feel nervous if it is your first try. But staying calm and cool during skating is very important. If you get afraid or nervous, your muscles get tension so you can’t be able to maintain and control your body and the Longboard. So stay relaxed.

How to launch?

First, go to the top of the hill and position your Longboard. Now mount it and start pushing with your back foot. Don’t run too fast until you get in the accurate stance in next step.

How to assume and control the stance?

After getting enough speed, put one foot in front of the other and keep 2 feet far between them. Keep your back foot lower than the front foot. Crouch with your knees while riding downhill to reduce speed wobbling. But don’t crouch too low and keep your legs loose. If you give much pressure on your legs, your muscle will get more tension which can occur speed wobble. Try to keep your weight on your front truck, it will help you to reduce speed wobble and you can get better control while riding. Look forward and keep your hands behind your back. This stance provides better control and more speed during downhill riding.

How to brake or stop?

There are different types of braking and stopping method. The methods are described bellow:



It is the most common, easy and safe braking method. Slide your back foot on the ground gently. It will slow you down, slide your back foot until slow down and stop.



This method may tear up your board so try to avoid this. Push down the board tail with your back foot to pull up the tail from the ground. The board may slide out so lean forward to prevent the slide.

Heel slide:


It is same as the Tailslide. Only different is that you need to keep your back foot’s heel on the board while sliding so your shoe hill will be slide instead of the boards tail. Your board won’t tear up if you use this method for braking and stopping.



Bailing is the last way of braking or stopping. It is not any kind of style and nothing to learn about it. Just jump away from the board when you need to stop immediately. You can get injured by bailing out from the board. So apply it only in an emergency situation. As an example, a car appears nearly to you and you don’t have enough time to stop, So what should you do? Yes, you need to bail out from the board.

How can I reduce my speed while riding?

To reduce speed, slightly drag your back foot on the ground while riding. It is the most easiest and effective way to reduce speed while riding. Otherwise, you can make a deep and wide curve reducing speed.

Finally, The most important thing is that theoretical knowledge is only for knowing about the riding process. You can’t learn to ride and you can’t be a perfect rider until you start practicing yourself.


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