How to ride on Electric Longboard?

Excuse me, hope you are tired of pushing your longboard. Please, rest a while and listen to me. There is no need of pushing anymore. You can enjoy comfortable riding with your desired speed without pushing. Can you guess how is it possible? Yes, your answer is correct, I’m telling about electric longboard. Though it is expensive than the regular longboards, you can get the most comfortable riding experience with the highest speed. So, if you decide to buy one from best skateboard brands, it is better to know how does it work and how can you ride it? Have you bought it already? No problem, this article may help you to ride it accurately. So, let’s start riding.

Let’s know a little bit about the Electric Longboard

The functionality of an electric longboard is very easy. An electric motor rotates the wheels which (the motor) gets power from a rechargeable battery. And the motor is controlled by a wireless remote.

First motor based skateboard was introduced in late 1975. Fun fact is that the motor was non-electric. The motor was gasoline powered and it get banned in the mid of 1970 because the gasoline engine causes a lot of pollution and sound.


The first wireless form of electric skateboard was introduced by Louie Finkle in 1990. But this skateboard was very expensive so it was not affordable for everyone.

But those days have been passed, in early 2006, few friends work together and improve Louie’s skateboard and make it less expensive.

How can I ride an Electric longboard?

The riding method of an electric longboard is a little bit different than the regular longboards. Bellow, I’ve provided the methods step by step.

Safety first: Before starting, make sure to wear a helmet and all other safety gears.

Power on: Power on the motor by switching the power button. The switch may place in the downside of the back axis of the board.


Turn on the remote: Turn on the remote control to get connected with the motor.


Mode selection: There may 3 modes in your remote control. Select the beginner mode if you are a novice rider.

Balancing: Stay calm on the board and balance your weight same as the regular longboard.

Maintaining the speed: There is a ruler in your remote. Rotate it forward to increase the speed of the board and backward to decrease.

Turning: The turning method is same as the general longboard. Just move your body to your desired side to take the turn.

Sliding: Sliding is also same as the general longboard. But if you are a beginner, make sure to reduce the speed while sliding.

Brake: There is a brake button on the remote. Push it if you want to do a brake. But don’t panic, the brake may take a little time to wear in the wheels like other vehicles. So, stay calm and steady.


  • Wear protective gears to stay safe from any kind of accident.
  • The longboard contains a motor and electric devices which are not waterproof. So stay away from water and avoid riding in very wet weather.
  • Make sure that the battery has enough charge to avoid interruption.
  • Don’t go too fast if you are not an expert rider.
  • As it has few sensitive electric parts, try to avoid doing hard tricks. Otherwise, the parts may get damaged.


Is it suitable for all riding types?

The electric longboard is suitable for all riding types. But it is most suitable for cruising and downhill. You can get super fast speed with this longboard than the regular longboards. But a little problem is that it is not suitable for doing tricks for the sensitive electric parts. But, you can still do tricks with your own risk.

Finally, I promise you that you must enjoy your riding time with an electric longboard. You can get better comfort with super fast speed without getting tired. But the only fact is that it is pretty expensive. But you can get better performance than the regular longboard. Now, it totally depends on your decision and your budget. Hope you get enough information about the electric longboard and its riding method. If you don’t have enough money, you just check quest skateboard review or quest longboard review. You can choose one of them as great cruising board.


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